It is hard for me to stand still but the studio photography does not call for long travels. So I have to compensate – constant self improvement, new projects, new equipment. Everything should be in a constant move and I need to be in the center. That the way I like it.

For more than 20 years I am in the fashion, advertising and commercial photography. I have been working for the best Bulgarian magazines and clients, have been engaged by international clients, have seen my picture on the cover of PHOTO magazine after having won their global annual contest.

My team can offer fully blown service and my quality standards are high. Very high.

AMICA, BEAUTY, EGOIST, ELLE, EVA, Harper’s Bazzar, HiComm, Madame Figaro, Moda, Playboy

Actavis, Alen Mak, BBB, Bella, Billa, Bodyform, BTK/VIVATEL, bTV Cappy, Coca-Cola, CSKA, DANON, Bank DSK, Evrokom, F.3.A.R., Flirt lingerie, Delfina, Hillman, Lazarrin cafe, LIDL, Mtel, FIBank, OMV, Prista Oil, Raphael jewelry, Schweppes, Softbuild, Strip underwear, UNICEF